How The Wolf Got Here

I’ve been pretty quiet lately for two reasons. The first, because undiagnosed chronic pain issues suck and make it hard to focus on anything else. The second, because in following a lot of stuff that’s been flying around, I’ve found myself forced to think hard about my place in the Polytheist community, what it is, and what I want it to be. As part of that, I’ve been thinking back on how I got to where I am now and I feel it may be useful to share that story with others now. Continue reading


Sometimes it is harder to receive than to give.

The moon was (is, at the time of writing this) very full and bright tonight. The sky was clear, the air just crisp with the promise of a coming fall and as per my usual hour of going out at night to go before one God or another there was fresh cool dew already on the grass. A little too cool for bare feet unfortunately, as I found by foolishly attempting to go out as such. I ended up slipping back in a little giddy and laughing at myself to fetch shoes before properly heading out. Continue reading

So what if I can’t hear the Gods?

This… should be a little different. I apologize for the rambling course this piece will take, but I’ve a feeling that really is just the best way to tackle this issue. Hopefully I can help myself and maybe a few others wrestling with this issue by writing it all down. Continue reading