Questions for Tess Dawson

Dear Tess Dawson:

Earlier, about a weak prior to this I was reading your post “I Think a God Called. Now what?” and at first found it very useful and informative, then became rather taken aback by much of what transpired after in the debate over libations. I took it upon myself at that time to write an article encouraging discussion and the finding of common ground, in which I also spoke in defense of the value of your original article. As a result of this, several people brought another matter entirely to my attention. Namely, the following conversation which I was able to verify by my own means took place on the Neos Alexandria facebook group, which is an open and public forum. I have since edited down the comments to only those between yourself and the querent, changing the querent’s name to, well, querent.


Is it possible that a God calls you to reinstate something? For the past few months, I have experienced very esoteric states of mind. A few months ago, one evening, I found my hands starting to hurt. I tried to massage it but to no avail. Then, I decided to write.

Upon clutching a pen, I begun to write sporadically. The message went:

“When the sun meets the middle of the sky, the navel, unite yourself in the realm of my mysteries, of what is and what is not. Invoke me and I shall speak to thee through the winds that hit the trees.

I shall speak to thee in tongues unknown and thou shall prophesy and see. What is unknown, I will make known. I am the God of pure and infinite light. I have called you to reinstate my mysteries

I am he who dies and he who lives again. I am the spouse of the great mother; I am the Jewel of Egypt, I oversee all that was alive. I AM WHO AM – I AM SERAPIS.”

I found this quite peculiar. I am currently taking pursuing my Master’s Degree in Anthropology and my study deals with the Pagan community in Cebu City.

“Spiritually” and “theologically” I am an atheist and am ‘devout’ about it. What I find chilling is that I have never experienced this before …

Is this a possibility? Perhaps I was hallucinating?

December 4 at 5:16am ยท Edited

Tess Dawson: Test it. Make an offering to Serapis, and talk with him, approach him with respect. Tell him that you need some kind of proof that you heard him correctly and that these are his words you’re hearing and not your own. When I pray, I let the deities know that I honor them so deeply that I do not want to confuse their words for my own; they are usually quite helpful in this regard. I have found in my work that most deities are willing to do this.

December 4 at 5:48pm

Querent: Thank you. I shall try this. How should I do this?

December 5 at 3:59am via mobile

Tess Dawson: Hi Querent, I will try to answer this soon…

December 16 at 9:30am

Tess Dawson: Ok…here goes:…/i-think-god-called-now…

December 16 at 2:47pm

Querent: This is wonderful, thank you Tess Dawson!

December 17 at 4:31am

First I feel it important to note that the querent expressed gratitude for your help, and I myself would like to extend my gratitude towards yourself and others like you for your continued work on behalf of the community, and your work on behalf of reviving the worship of Canaanite deities in particular.

The concern that was brought to my attention was that rather than a debate on libations, poverty, and other issues, the original issue really was the one of providing information inappropriate to the worship of the Kemetic deity Serepis, to a querent who would have no means of knowing the difference (a former atheist). One person even stated, both privately to me and publicly, that he attempted to leave a comment on your blog pointing this out, but the comment was censored. This I have no means of confirming, beyond that I do know comments on your blog do not appear before moderation. I also did not see any dissenting comments on Neos Alexandria, but on the same token I also have no means of knowing if perhaps there too, such comments were censored.

So my only recourse left is to ask you. I have chosen to do so publicly, primarily because after this was brought to my attention I felt rather duped, especially after having spent many hours in may own way to reach out and calm a contentious situation based on information that I took from you and others in good faith: that you were being attacked strictly on the issue of poverty and not for, as it looks to me now, promoting a method of worship that may not have been appropriate to the tradition it was asked within. I also still hope to find some healing out of this affair, as has been my intent since my previous post.

So my questions now are these:

  1. Why did you choose to provide general advice to a querent that asked such a specific question?
  2. Did you consider at all referring the querent to a specifically Kemetic source or mentor? Why or why not?
  3. Do you have source material that I may read and verify (not UPG), which would establish a tradition of food offerings which are disposed of rather than consumed, to Serepis?
  4. Were you in fact reached out to by one or more Kemetic Polytheists with concerns that your response may not have been the best for the specific situation, and if so why did you choose not to respond to those concerns, while instead bringing up the issues regarding poverty.

Thank you very much for your time Ms. Dawson.

Sincerely, James Grimswolf

Note Bene on This Specific Post: It is generally my personal rule to avoid censoring comments on my writings, period, save in cases where removing links to illegal or malicious content and plain old bot spam make it a necessity. HOWEVER: In this post ALL COMMENTS, save for those posted either by Tess Dawson, or myself, will be deleted as soon as I see them. Anyone else who wishes a place to comment may still do so on the previous post related to this one, here. As always I can also be reached privately for comment at my publicly available email in the about section above. I have decided on this one time policy as a means of facilitating this particular conversation. Thank you all for your understanding and cooperation in this.


One response to “Questions for Tess Dawson

  1. Reblogged this on Fanny Fae and commented:
    Mine was one of the comments that were censored by Ms. Dawson. This, however, really does not matter in that I have a habit of keeping record of absolutely everything I post, including commentary on blogs, on Facebook, etc. This is a very good habit to get into, btw.
    Ms. Dawson, et al will note that none of the questions posed by Grim’s Wolf have been adequately answered. While some may feel that she is, : “0ne of us”, I however, adamantly and resoundingly disagree. Disingenuousness is never appreciated in any context at any time. Being somewhat of a celebrity in the Pagan / Reconstructionist etc. communities also does not give one a “pass”.

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