Quickie Follow Up and Response to Ageism Comments

It’s been a long busy holiday with my family so I haven’t gotten to replying to everyone’s comments on my previous post, May I have everyone’s attention please. Thank you to everyone who’s commented and been sharing that post all over the net! Some of the conversation isn’t even on the post itself but bouncing around tumblr and I’m seeing a lot of good things discussed there. Several people have also brought to my attention information that I have been able to verify regarding sides to the story that I was previously unaware of and I will be making a longer follow up post to address that.

For tonight though I would most like to thank Bianca Bradley for bringing up the subject of Ageism in relation to something I wrote which was “An experienced, older, well read and published polytheist shares an idea about devotional practice.” Bianca asked how I came to that generalization and examining how I did so I realized that yes, I jumped to a conclusion based on having seen a handful of ages reported on blogs that were in the twenties, most much younger than my own twenty-seven years. That quick handful doesn’t represent the whole and my phrasing also reflects my on subconscious wish that there were more experienced ‘elders’ for people to turn to. Bianca’s comment has also sparked a very thoughtful discussion in the comments on the topic of Pagan/Polytheist ‘elders’, what people may mean or hope when they use the term, and about Ageism as an issue among Polytheists in general, which I encourage everyone to take a minute to read through and consider.

In light of that discussion I have decided to edit that portion of my post to remove the generalization. The new phrasing will read: “Someone shares an idea about devotional practice,”.

Again I would like to thank everyone who’s taken part in the discussion so for and I encourage everyone reading this to go and see what people have been saying in the comments. Seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever seen comments this well written and thought out before. They’re like mini posts unto themselves! Especially take a look over Del Tashlin’s comments. He had some extremely insightful things to say about his experiences as a spiritual advisory, the standards he sets for himself in that work and the challenges he’s had to face down when his advice was not well received.

Good night and rest well when you can everyone!

– James Grimswolf

One response to “Quickie Follow Up and Response to Ageism Comments

  1. Thank you for admitting that your comment was ageist. It takes a lot for someone to apologize and not internalize getting called out. Hopefully discussing ageism can open up more dialogue on the issue within our community.

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