Just a thought…

Humans value the Gods.

The Gods value humans.

Both have needs.

Is one really more or less deserving of effort to fulfill those needs, than the other?


Just something for everyone to think about. And now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

4 responses to “Just a thought…

  1. It’s a very good thought. I have to admit, I’ve got a tendency to doubt I’m worthy. I know, that sounds unlikely, but that is mostly due to the fact that I tend to go with the flow and think “okay, if You think I deserve the effort, then I’m going to assume You know what You’re doing, and I’m gonna try very hard not to fail You”… and due to the fact that I don’t carry that kind of stuff outward. And it’s not even all that bad. My baseline isn’t “I believe I’m unworthy”. My baseline is more like “All in all, I think I’m worthy, but I doubt it every now and then”.

    But to be honest, sometimes I don’t really know what I’m supposed to believe regarding that topic anymore. Someone recently put it like this (not verbatim): “we come to the Gods as ‘some assembly required’, and then They make us into something better, whether we like it or not”. I agree with this notion. I also think it implies that the Gods value humans enough to care about our “inner workings”. And I do believe it is effort that They put into us, laity or otherwise. Regarding laity: every time the Gods help a person obtain something or succeed in something, They put effort into that person; They manifest a tangible effect of Themselves, in this world. People don’t have to be in “close quarters” with the Gods in order for that to work, it just does, and it always has.

    What throws me is how sometimes I come across people who seem to believe that there is no inherent value in humanity whatsoever. I mean, yeah, we’ve lost almost all the knowledge, and that’s a tragedy. But that doesn’t mean we’re a lost cause. The Gods don’t seem to think so, at least.

    On the other hand, of course, there are people out there who seem to believe that the world (including the Gods) is out there to serve them as a tool for self-empowerment. That doesn’t fly with me either.

    But it’s rarely as black and white as that. I know people who’re struggling with a lot of baggage that eats away at their self esteem; if they find empowerment in the Gods, is that wrong? I don’t think so, not really. Likewise, if someone arrogant who goes about making and breaking oaths gets taken down a peg or three, that’s not wrong either. There’s a huge grey area in this…

    And now I’ve started rambling on your blog again. ‘pologise.

    • *giggles* Hardly any need to apologize, it’s fun watching a few carefully chosen words cause someones head to spin.

      I hadn’t thought of this quite in this way too, so it’s good to have other thoughts. Hadn’t thought of it in terms of “are we worthy?”, and yeah I have seen a lot going around to the tone of “we’re not and we should just take what we get” or other sentiment where often poor treatment for perceived bad behavior is expected, and I think that blinds people sometimes to seeing just how much Good the Gods are doing for us all the time… and occasionally whacking us on the head when we miss that.

      The original thought was more on the discussion I’ve seen going back and forth, where you have the thoughts of “the Gods come absolutely first in everything” vs “If you’re not doing something that serves humans it doesn’t have value”, both of which I think are extremes that are missing out on the good points of the other side of the discussion.

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