For Vali

Came across this while I was looking though the blogs of all the cool people that have liked or followed my own blog (which yes, I need to be posting something on). A poem that gives voice to Vali’s perspective after what happened to Him and His family. I’d say more about it… but I don’t think I need to. Give it a read and I’m sure you’ll see why I felt this was worth a share.

Seeking Mystery

Pain should howl across Winter snows
But there is only silence.
One step then another
Sinks into the cold with
The scent of pine
Clinging; cloying.
It’s full of life and
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.
A whimper should drown it out
But silence is all there is.
There is no voice or laughter;
Not since then.
Not since Them.
Footsteps echo after mine,
Soft on stone and
Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.
I will never clean the taste of blood
From my teeth;
My tongue is thick with it.
I do not really want to.

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